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Cycling in Europe

Information about the sport of cycling in Europe.

Cycling in Europe

National Cycling Federations of Europe
Where to find the official Web sites of the national cycling federations of Europe.

European Cycling Union
Confederation of European National Sports Federations that are recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). It was founded to reinforce the importance of Europe's cycling federations, to foster contacts between them, to promote the development of cycling in europe, to organize European Cycling events such as championships and series, and to information the International Cycling Union of Europe-related cycling problems and issues.

European Cyclists Federation
Organized formed in 1983 to promote cycling as a sustainable and healthy means of transportation and recreation in Europe and other parts of the world.

European Cycling by Location

Andorra Cycling
Road Cycling in Andorra
Andorra's 18 Cycling Trails

Albania Cycling
Bicycle Touring Por: Bicycling Albania
Cycling Without Borders: Albania Cycling
Lonely Cyclist: Greece and Albania Cycling
Trento Bike Pages: Albania Cycling

Austria Cycling
Austrian Cycling Federation

Belarus Cycling
Belarussian Cycling Federation

Belgium Cycling
Belgian Cycling Federation

Bulgaria Cycling
Bulgarian Cycling Federation

Croatia Cycling
Croatian Cycling Federation

Cyprus Cycling
Cyprus Cycling Federation

Estonia Cycling
Estonian Cycling Federation

Finland Cycling
Finnish Cycling Federation

France Cycling
French Cycling Federation

Germany Cycling
German Cycling Federation

Greece Cycling
Greek Cycling Federation

Hungary Cycling
Hungarian Cycling Federation

United Kingdom Cycling
British Cycling Federation

Iceland Cycling
Icelandic Cycling Federation

Ireland Cycling
Irish Cycling Federation

Italy Cycling
Italian Cycling Federation

Liechtenstein Cycling
Liechtenstein Cycling Federation

Lithuania Cycling
Lithuanian Cycling Federation

Luembourg Cycling
Luxembourgeois Cycling Federation

Macedonia Cycling
Macedonian Cycling Federation

Malta Cycling
- Wikipedia "Cycling in Malta" Article
- Visit Malta: Cycling in Malta
- Malta Cycling Federation
- Cycle Malta and Gozo
- Malta by Bike
- Melita Cycling Club
- Elite Cycles Bike Shop

Moldova Cycling
Moldovan Cycling Federation

Montenegro Cycling
Cycling Without Borders: Montenegro Cycling
Bicycle Touring Pro: Life in Montenegro

Netherlands Cycling
Dutch Cycling Federation

Norway Cycling
Norwegian Cycling Federation

Poland Cycling
Polish Cycling Federation

Portugal Cycling
Portuguese Cycling Federation

Romania Cycling
Romanian Cycling Federation

Russian Cycling
Russian Cycling Federation

San Marino Cycling
San Marino Cycling Federation

Serbia Cycling
Serbian Cycling Federation

Slovenia Cycling
Slovenian Cycling Federation

Spain Cycling
Spanish Cycling Federation

Sweden Cycling
Swedish Cycling Federation

Switzerland Cycling
Swiss Cycling Federation

Turkey Cycling
Turkish Cycling Federation

Ukrain Cycling
Ukrainian Cycling Federation

More About Cycling in Europe

Open Directory: Cycling in Europe

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