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Castles in Europe

Information about Castles in europe

Austria's Castles
Hohenwerfen Castle, Hohensalzburg Castle, Schoenbrunn Palace, and online directories and articles highlighting other castles in Austria.

Belgian Castles

- Gravensteen (Gent, Oost Vlaanderen)
- Kasteel Beersel (Beersel, Brabant)

Czech Republic Castles

Prague Castle
Built in 870 and one of the largest castle complexes in the world. Has been the home of the Kings of Bohemia, Holy Roman Emp[erors, and presidentgs of the Czech Repoublic. This visitors guide on the official Prague Castle Web Site includes directions to the castle, a photo gallery, things to see, places to visit on the castle grounds and a map of the grounds. Located in the city of Prague, Czech Republic.
(download pic from Big Stock)

Top Castles in the Czech Republic
- Karlštejn Hrad Czechia Karlstejn Stredo Ceský (Mittelböhmen)
- Krivoklát Hrad (Pürglitz) Czechia Krivoklát (Ravoknik) Stredo Ceský (Mittelböhmen)
- Prazsky Hrad Czechia Praha Hlavní m?sto Praha - Czechoslovakia: CzeKarlstein (Czech Repoublic?)

More About Castles in the Czech Republic
- Wikipedia Castles in the Czech Republic" List
- Wikipedia Castles in the Czech Republic" Category

English Castles

- Kensington Palace - Windsor Castle (Berkshire) - Hampton Couryt - St. Michael's Mounbt - Stirling Castle Europe - UK - England - Bodiam Castle England Robertsbridge (Sussex) South East Europe - UK - England - Colchester Castle England (Essex) East Europe - UK - England - Dover Castle (Dover, Kent, South East) Europe - UK - England - Kenilworth Castle England (Warwickshire) West Midlands Europe - UK - England - Portchester Castle England Portsmouth (Hampshire) South East Europe - UK - England - Rochester Castle England Rochester (Kent) South East Europe - UK - England - Tower of London (London) Europe - UK - England - Warwick Castle England Warwick (Warwickshire) West Midlands Europe - UK - England - Windsor Castle England Windsor (Birkshire) South East

More About Castles in England
- English Heritage Organization - Top 10 Castles
- Wikipedia Castles in England" List
- Wikipedia Castles in England" Category

French Castles

Chateau de Chenonceau
Castle on the River Cher in the town of Chenonceaux.

Guedelon Castle
Castle being built in Burgandy, France using traditional methods and materials. The work was styart6ed in 1997 and it expected to be completed in the 2020's. Can be visited fromMid March to early November.

Hunyad Castle

- Avignon (Palais des Papes) France Avignon Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur
- Château d'Angers France Angers Pays de la Loire
- Château d'Haut-Koenigsbourg (Hohkönigsburg) France Haut-Koeningsbourg Elzas (Alsace)
- Château de Chinon France Chinon Centre
- Château de Gisors France Normandie
- Château de Langeais France Langeais Centre
- Château de Loches France Loches Centre
- Château de Pierrefonds France Pierrefonds Picardie
- Château de Saumur France Saumur-Tours Pays de la Loire
- Château de Vincennes France Paris Ile-de-France
- Château du Roy René (Tarascon) France Tarascon Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur
- Chateau Gaillard des Andelys (Les Andeleys, Normandie)
- Cite de Carcassonne (Carcassonne, Languedoc-Roussillon)
- Coucy-Le-Château France Coucy-Le-Château Picardie
- Enceinte de Provins (Tour de César) France Provins Ile-de-France
- Remparts d'Aigues-Mortes France Aigues Mortes Languedoc-Roussillon

More About Castles in ?
- Wikipedia Castles in ?" List
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German Castles

Neuschwanstein Castle
One of the most photographed castles in the world. Tour the castle grounds and hike the surrounding trails for spectacular views. More then a million visitors a year.

- Burg Eltz Germany Münstermaifeld Rheinland-Pfalz
- Burg Rheinfels Germany St. Goarshausen Rheinland-Pfalz
- Die Wartburg Germany Eisenach Thüringen
- Kaiserburg Nürnberg Germany Nürnberg Bayern
- Kaiserburg Salzburg Germany Bad Neuhaus an der Saale Bayern
- Marksburg Germany Braubach Rheinland-Pfalz
- Pfalzgrafenstein Germany Kaub Rheinland-Pfalz
- Schloss Heidelberg Germany Heidelberg Baden-Würtenberg
- Kaiserburg Trifels Germany Annweiler Rheinland-Pfalz
- Germany- Veste Coburg Germany Coburg Bayern

More About Castles in ?
- Wikipedia Castles in ?" List
- Wikipedia Castles in ?" Category

Greek Castles

Palace of the Grand Masters of the Knights of Rhodes
Medieval castle built in the 14th century by the Knights of Rhodes. The castle was damaged in 1856 when stored ammunitions exploded and it was reconstructed starting in 1912. Features Greek and Roman antiques. Located on the City of Rhodes on the Island of Rhodes in Greece.
- Pictures at WikiMedia Commons
(download pic from Big Stock)

Castle of the Knights of St. John,
Old Town of Rhodes on Rhodes Island

St. Nicola (Collachium?) Greece Rhodes

More About Castles in Greece
- Wikipedia Castles in Greece" List
- Wikipedia Castles in Greece" Category

Hungary Castles

Vajdahunyad Castle
Built between 1896 and 1987 as part of Budapest'Millennial Exhibition. Located in the the main city park of Budapest, Hungary.
- Vajdahunyad Castle Web Site

Museum of Hungarian Agriculture

Wikipedia "Vajdahunyad Castle" Article

Europe - Hungary - Diósgyõri vár Hungary Diósgyor Észak Magyaroszág (Northern Hungary) Europe - Hungary - Pataki vár (Sárospatak, Rákóczi) Hungary Sárospatak Észak Magyaroszág (Northern Hungary) Europe - Hungary - Visegrád vár (Plintenburg) Hungary Visegrád Közép Magyarország (Central Hungary)

More About Castles in Hungary
Hungarian Castle Hotels Association
- Visit Hungary - Top 15 Must-See Castles in Hungary
- Visit Budapest - Charming Castle Hotels in Hungary
- Wikipedia Castles in Hungary" List
- Wikipedia Castles in Hungary" Category

Irish Castles

Ashford Castle
Castle built in 1228 in the town of Kong, about a 30 minute drive from Galway City and 90 minutes from the Shannon Airport. Now a hotel.

Blarney Castle
Medieval fortreess and castle in the town of Blarney. One of the most visited sites in Ireland.

- Blarney Castle Republic of Ireland Cork
- Trim Castle Republic of Ireland Meath

More About Castles in Ireland
- Wikipedia Castles in the Republic of Ireland" List
- Wikipedia Castles in the Republic of Ireland by County" Category
- Travel Channel "Best Castles in Ireland" Article

Italian Castles

Miramare Castle
Castle situated on the edge of the gulf of Trieste, in northeast Italy near the city of Trieste. The castle grounds include a 54 acre cliffside and seashore park Built in the 1800's.

- Castel del Monte (Apulie, Puglia)
- Castel Nuovo (Maschio Angioino) Italy Naples Campanië
- Castel Roncolo (Schloss Runkelstein) Italy Bolzano Trento (Zuid-Tirol, Trentino)
- Castel Sant'Angelo (Lungotevere Castello, Engelenburcht) Italy Rome Lazio
- Castello di Fenis Italy Piemont Valle d'Aosta
- Castello di Tirol Italy Meran Trento (Zuid-Tirol, Trentino)
- Castello Sforzesco Italy Milaan Lombardije (Lombardia)
- Castelvecchio Italy Verona Veneto (Venetia)
- - Rocca Scaligera Italy Sirmione Lombardije (Lombardia)

More About Castles in Italy
- Italian Castles Turned into Hotels
- Wikipedia Castles in Italy" List
- Wikipedia Castles in Italy" Category

Luxembourg Castles

Luxembourg - Vianden Luxemburg Vianden

Netherlands Castles

- Kasteel de Haar Netherlands Haarzuilen Utrecht
- Muiderslot Netherlands Muiden Noord Holland

Norwegian Castles

Akershus Norway Oslo

Northern Ireland Castles

- Dunluce Castle (County Antrim) - Carrickfergus Castle Northern Ireland Antrim

More About Castles in Northern Ireland
- Discover Northern Ireland - Castles, Monuments, and Monasteries
- Wikipedia Castles in Northern Ireland" List
- Wikipedia Castles in Northern Ireland" Category

Poland Castles

- Dunajec in Niedzica Poland Niedzica Malopolskie (Lesser Poland)
- Kwidzyn (Marienwerder) Poland Kwidzyn Pomorsky (Pomerania, Pommern)
- Malbork / Marienborg (Malbork, Pomorsky/Pomerania/Pommern)
- Wawel (Cracow, Krolewski) Poland Cracow Malopolskie (Lesser Poland)

Portugal Castles

Palace of Pena

More About Castles in ?
- Wikipedia Castles in ?" List
- Wikipedia Castles in ?" Category

Romania Castles

Bran Castle
Also known as "Dracula's Castle". Built in 1212. Has been the home of the Teutonic Knights, Mircea the Elder, Vlad III, and Romanian royalty. Bran Castle was listed for sale in 2007 for approximately 78 million USD. A note on the castle's official Web site: "On May 18, 2009, after 61 years, 4 months and 11 days of state ownership, the Bran Castle was returned to the children of Princess Ileana of Romania, Dominic, Elisabeth and Maria Magdalena." This Web site includes a video tour, a photo gallery, the history of the castle, directions, entry fees, special events, and information about Count Dracula. Located between Wallachia and Transylvania in the city of Bran, Romania Open for visitors all year.

Corvin Castle
Romania: Harman (Transylvania)
Romania: Premjer (Transylvania)

Hunyad Castle

Peles Castle
Neo Renaissance castle built by King Carol I of Romania between 1873 and 1914. The castle was inaugurated in 1883 but significant improvements were made through 1914. Located in near the mountain resort town of Sinaia, Carpathian Mountains, Prahova County, Romania.
(edit PD photo)

- Castelul Bran (Toerzburg) Rumania Brasov Transylvanië (Siebenbürgen)
- Castelul Corvinestilor? (Hunedoara, Huniazilor, Vajdahunyad) Rumania Hunedoara Transylvanië (Siebenbürgen)

More About Castles in Romania
- Wikipedia Castles in Romania" List
- Wikipedia Castles in Romania" Category

Scottish Castles

Edinburgh Castle
High on a hill above the city of Edinburgh.

Eilean Donan Castle

Caerlaverock Castle Scotland (Dumfries and Galloway) South Edinburgh Castle Scotland Edinburgh (Lothian) Edinburg and Lothian

More About Castles in Scotland
- Wikipedia Castles in Scotland" List
- Wikipedia Castles in Scotland" Category

Slovakia Castles

Spišský Hrad (Zips, Scepus) Slovakia Žehra Spiš

Spanish Castles

Alcazar of Segovia
Stone castle and fortification located in the old city of Segovia.
- Alcazar of Segovia - Official Web Site
- Wikipedia "Alcazar of Segovia" Article

- Alcazaba de Almeria Spain Almeria Andalucia
- Alcazar de Segovia (Segovia Castilla y Leon)
- Alhambra de Granada Spain Granada Andalucia
- Castillo de Coca (Castile Causa) Spain Segovia Castilla y León
- Castillo de Fuensaldaña Spain Fuensaldaña (Valladolid) Castilla y León
- Castillo de la Mota (Medina del Campo) Spain Medina del Campo (Valladolid) Castilla y León
- Castillo de Loarre Spain Huesca Aragón
- Castillo de los Mendoza (Castillo nuevo de Manzanares el Real) Spain Madrid Madrid
- Castillo de Peñafiel Spain Peñafiel (Valladolid) Castilla y León

More of Spain's Most Famous Castles
- Alcazar de Sevilla (Seville)
Royal Palace of Aranjuez (Aranjuez, Madrid, Spain)
- Alhambra (Granada)

More About Castles in Spain
- Wikipedia Castles in Spain" List
- Wikipedia "Castles in Spain" Category
- Wikipedia "Alcazars and Alcazabas in Spain" Category
- Eupedia - Most Beajutiful Medieval Castles of Spain
Cellar Tours - 10 Most Beajutiful Castles in Spain

Swedish Castles

Penningby Castle
One of the best preserved European castle from the middle ages. More then 600 years old. Located outside of Stockholm in Norrtälje.
- Penningby Slott - Official Web Site
Wikipedia "Penningby Castle" Article
Pictures at Wikimedia Commons

- Kalmar Slott Sweden Kalmar (Skåne) Sydsverige (South Sweden)
- Europe - Sweden - Visborg Slott Sweden Visby (Gotland) Småland

More About Castles in Sweden
Visit Stockholm - Ten Castle Day Trips
- Visit Sweden - Castle and Manors Hotels inn Sweden
- Wikipedia Castles and Palaces in Sweden" List
- Wikipedia Castles in Sweden" Category

Turkish Castles

Rumeli Hissar Turkey Rumeli Hisari
Yedikule Hisari (Golden Gate Castle, Catle of Seven Towers) Turkey Istanbul
Roumeli Hissa r -on the Bosporus

Swiss Castles

- Castel Grande (Bellinzona, Castello d'Unterwalden) Switzerland Bellinzona Tessin
- Chateau de Chillon (Montreux, Genfersee)
- Schloss Tarasp Switzerland Tarasp ((Kanton Graubünden) Ostschweiz

Welsh Castles

Caerphilly Castle
One of the largest castles in Europe. Also famous for its leaning tower. Located in South Wales.
- CADW "Caerphilly Castle" Article
- Wikipedia "Caerphilly Castle" Article

Caernbarfon Castle
Located in Gwynedd, North Wales
- CADW "Caernarfon Castle" Article
- Wikipedia "Caernarfon Castle" Article

Carreg Cennen Castle and Farm
Castle on top of a hill inside Brecon Beacons National Park. Open between April and October. Situated near the Cennen River in Trap Village.
- Carreg Cennen Castle - Official Web Site
- Facebook "Carreg Cennen Castle" Page
- Wikipedia "Carreg Cennen Castle" Article

- Beaumaris Castle Wales Anglesey Gwynedd - Caernarfon Castle / Caernarvon (Caernarfon, Gwynedd) - Caerphilly Castle Wales Mid Glamorgan Glamorgan - Chepstow Castle Wales Gwent - Conway Castle (Conwy) Wales Conwy Gwynedd - Flint Castle Wales Clywd - Harlech Castle (Harlech, Gwynedd) - Pembroke Castle Wales Pembroke Dyfed

More About Castles in Wales
- UNESCO "Castles and Town Walls in Gwynedd" World Heritage Site
- - Castles of Wales
- Visit Wales - Great Castles Across Wales
- Visit Wales - Castles to Visit
- Jeffrey Thomas "Castles of Wales" Web Site
- Wikipedia Castles in Wales" List
- Wikipedia Castles in Wales" Category

More About European Castles

Castles of the Middle Ages in Europe
Information about medieval castle architecture, defenses, and history and where to find those castles in England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, Spain, Wales, and Eastern Europe.

Top 100 Medieval Castles

Top 100 Medieval Castles

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