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Sports in Belgium

Information about all types of sports in Belgium.

Belgium Sports Resources
Information on the "Ask About Sports" Web site about sports in Belgium. Includes Belgium sports organizations, Web sites and articles.

Skating in Belgium
Includes information about ice hockey, figure skating, speed skating, inline skating, and roller skating in Belgium.

Athletics in Belgium
- Flemish Athletics League (Dutch Speaking)
- Francophone Belgian Athletics League (French Speaking)

Badminton in Belgium
- Belgian Badminton Federation
- Flemish Badminton Web Site

Basketball in Belgium
- Royal Belgian Basketball Federation
- Flemish Basketball League

Bicycling in Belgium
- Royal Belgian Cycling League

Boxing in Belgium
- Royal Belgian Boxing Federation
- Flemish Boxing League

Curling in Belgium
- Belgium Curling Association

Football (Soccer) in Belgium
- Belgian Football Association

Golfing in Belgium
- Golf Clubs in Belgium
- Royal Belgian Golf Federation
- Flemish Golfing

Gymnastics in Belgium
- Flemish Gymnastics Federation
- Royal Belgian Gymnastics Federation

Tennis in Belgium
- Royal Belgian Tennis Federation

Rugby in Belgium
- Belgian Rugby League

Table Tennis in Belgium
- Belgian Table Tennis Federation

Volleyball in Belgium
- Francophone Belgian Volleyball Association (French Speaking)
- Flemish Volleyball Federation (Dutch Speaking)

Weightlifting in Belgium
- Flemish Power Lifting

More About Sports in Belgium

Belgian Olympic Committee
Official Web site of the Olympic Committee of Belgium that is recognized by the International Olympic committee.

Recreational Sports in Belgium
Information from the Belgian Tourist office about recreational sports in Belgium. Includes biking, canoeing, kayaking, golfing, horseback riding, hot air ballooning, tennis, fishing, and adventure sports in Belgium.

Wikipedia "Sport in Belgium" Article
General information about competitive sports in Belgium. Includes basketball, cycling, football (soccer), gridiron (American football), rugby union, rugby league, table tennis, tennis, volleyball, and motorsports in Belgium.

Belgian Sports Federations
A directory of Belgian sports federations and associations on the official Web site of the Belgian Olympic Committee.

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