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Attractions in Kosovo

Information about attractions in Kosovo.

City of Pec / aka Peje
City in Northwest Kosovo on one end of thte Rugova Canyon.
- Wikipedia Introduction to Pec
- WikiTravel Peja (Pec) Travel Guide

City of Pristina
Kosovo's capital and largest city.
- Wikipedia Introduction to Pristina
- WikiTravel Pristina Travel Guide

City of Prizren
Historic city on the slopes of the Sar Mountains that lies on Kosovo's border with Albania. Has a well preserved Ottoman Qaurter and a Roman Castle.
- Wikipedia Introduction to Prizren
- WikiTravel Prizren Travel Guide

Village of Brod
Picturesque mountain village in the Gora region of Kosovo.
- Wikipedia Introduction to Brod
- WikiTravel Brod Travel Guide

Rugova Canyon / Gugova Gorge
This 16 mile long canyon located near Kososo's border with Montenegro is one of the most visited areas of Kosovo. The Rugova Canyon is also known as the Rugova Gorge and it has very steep walls nearly 1000 feet high in some places. The city of Pec is a gateway to the Rugova Canyon.
- Wikipedia "Rugova Canyon" Article
- Wikimedia Commons Rugova Canyon Photos
- Rugova Experience Web Site

Pristina Attractions
- University of Pristina

- ALBI Shopping Mall
- Bazaar of Pristina
- Clock Tower (Sahat Kulla)
- Ethnographic Museum (Muzeu Etnologjik Emin
- Fatih Mosque (Xhamia e Mbretit)
- Field of Blackbirds.
- Germia Park
- Kosovo Museum (still open?)
- Newborn Monument
- Parku i Qytetit
- Parku Varrezat e Deshmoreve
- Pristina National Library
- Shadervani Fountain
- Skanderbeg statue
- Statue of Mother Tereza

Prizren Attractions
- Albanian League of Prizren Museum
- Archaeological Museum of Prizren
- Kalaja Fortress
- Mahmet Pasha Hamam
- Mehmet Pasha's Turkish Bath
- Sharr Mountains
- Sinan Pasha Mosque II
- Sinan Pasha Mosque

Other Attractions in Kosovo
- Brezovica Ski Centre (Southern Kosova)
- Decani Monastery UNESCO World Heritage Site
- Drini River Waterfall (near Berdynaj Village)
- Gjakova Old Bazaar (Gjakva)
- Gjielan Roman Quarter (Southeast of Pristina)
- Gracanica Monastery UNESCO World Heritage Site
- Mitrovica Bridge Over the Ibar River (Divides N and S)
- Novo Brdo Fortress Archaeological Site
- Patriarchy of the Serbian Orthodox Church (NW of Peja)
- Ulplana Archaeological Site

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