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The ARts in Malta

Information about the arts in Malta.

Visual Arts in Maltas

Artists of Malta
- Mattia Preti (1613-1699) painter
- Giuseppe Cali (1846-1930) portraits and religious murals

Music Arts in Maltas

Malta International Music Festival
Classical music competition.

Malta Philharnomic Orchestra
Founded in 1968 as the Manoei Theatre Orchestra.

Maltese Folk Music known as "The Ghana"
- Blend of Sicilian ballad and Arabic music
- Sung by men, accompanied by guitar
- Some local bars have Ghana nights

Dramatic Arts in Maltas

Etnika (traditional folk group, CDs available)

Band Music
- Every town and village has at least one band club
- They ;play at festivals and other events

Literary Arts in Maltas

Writers and Poets
- Anton Buttigieg (1912-1983)
- Anton Manwel Caruana (1838-1907)
- Carmelo Psaila (1871-1961)
- Francis Ebejer (1925-1993)
- Gan Anton Vassallo (1817-1867)
- Guze Muscat Azzopardi (1853-1927)
- Oliver Friggieri (Born 1947)
- Pietro Caxaro (15th Century poet)

Architecture of Malta

Malta's architecture is heavily influenced by the Knights of Saint John and the Roman Catholic Church.

Architects of Malta
- Cerolamo Cassar (1520-1586)
- Lorenzo Gafa (1630-1704)
- Tommaso Dingli (1591-1666)
- Giovanni Barbara (Palazzo de Vilhena, Mdina, 1730)
- Giuseppe Bonnici (Old Customs House, Valetta, 1747)
- Domenico Cachia (Auberge de Castille, Valetta, 1744)
Richard England (also sculptor, painter, photographer, poet)

More About Arts in Malta

Malta Council for Culture and Arts
Established to promote Maltese culture through all forms of creative expression, provide public access to the arts, and enhance Malta's cultural heritage locally and internationally.

St. James Cavalier Centre for Creativity
Theater and arts center housed in a 16th century fort in Valetta. Facilities include a small theater in the round, an art house movie theater, a chamber music room, and galleries for displaying and performing arts. Established in 2000 to support Malta's traditional and historical heritage and culture. Located in the city of Valetta.

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